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Posted in Copyrights

Recipe protection is rare but possible.

Parody involves copyright and trademark considerations.

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Posted in Copyrights

When and how can a copyright assignment or license be terminated?

Posted in Designs

European design protection may be faster, cheaper and better than trademark protection under some circumstances.

When, why and how you should conduct an IP audit.

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Posted in Trade Secrets

This is a short overview of the main aspects of trade secret law.

Posted in Copyrights

Here is a simplified explanation of the mysterious Creative Commons license notices or icons you sometimes see with electronic or printed copyrighted material.

Tags: Licensing
Posted in Trademarks

How and when to trademark a hashtag.

Posted in Trademarks

Technical use requirements differ for trademarks and service marks.

Posted in Customs

Stop counterfeits and grey market goods at the door simply and inexpensively.

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