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Intellectual Property as Security

The rules for using intellectual property as collateral can be counter-intuitive.

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Update on cost savings using international trademark filing systems

The Community Trade Mark ("CTM") has had significant regulatory changes including, since March 23, 2016, being called the European Union Trade Mark ("EUTM").

When you can parody another's work or mark

Parody involves copyright and trademark considerations.

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Auditing intellectual property assets

When, why and how you should conduct an IP audit.

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How and when to trademark a hashtag.

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Why is your trademark counsel so picky?

Technical use requirements differ for trademarks and service marks.

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How a company name can be a trademark

There are similarities and differences between a company name and a trademark or service mark.

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Unofficial Trademark Solicitations

How to avoid unnecessary payments to scam artists.

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What your mark means in another language may affect its U.S. registrability.

The translation of a registered mark may be barred from registration in the United States.

Dealing with a notice from China that someone is going to register a domain name incorporating your trademark.

Recognizing domain name scams.

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