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Can I Trademark that Trumpism?

Despite any ideological differences, nearly all Americans can agree that the past twelve months have been a boom time for political catchphrases — Covfefe, anyone?  But can a third party stick a political catchphrase on a t-shirt or coffee mug and obtain a trademark registration? 

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Reinforcing a trademark registration's most important right

The exclusive right to use an arguably descriptive trademark or service mark can be strengthened by obtaining a federal trademark registration and by filing a declaration of incontestability, when available.

Your trade secrets could be available from U.S. Customs

How can competitors learn your import/export trade secrets? And how can you learn theirs? 

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How you can protect recipes

Recipe protection is rare but possible.

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Protecting your trade secrets

This is a short overview of the main aspects of trade secret law.

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How and when to trademark a hashtag.

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How a company name can be a trademark

There are similarities and differences between a company name and a trademark or service mark.

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