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Customs Alert - Remote Location Filing


This notice announces a change to the merchandise eligibility requirements for participation in Remote Location Filing (RLF) Prototype Two. RLF will now be permitted for cargo that will be moved using immediate transportation (IT) and transportation and export (T & E) in-bond procedures. CBP has determined that the security risks previously associated with in-bond transactions have been greatly reduced due to the significant security and cargo-processing gains accomplished by the advance cargo information regulations set forth in CBP Dec. 03-32, published in the Federal Register (68 FR 68140) on December 5, 2003. CBP also realizes that as in-bond transactions are a mainstay of international transactions, permitting RLF in an in-bond context will enhance the Prototype's usefulness to the trade while  simultaneously furthering CBP's modernization objectives.            

If you would like additional information please contact: C.J. Erickson, 212.790.9200 or Carl R. Soller, 212.790.9200.  

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