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Information Technology

Representative matters we have handled include the following:

  • Business method patents
    Procured and enforced business method patents; defended against claims of patent infringement and advised clients on designing technology to avoid infringing others' patents.
  • Software protection
    Advised clients on how to obtain copyright, patent and trade secret protection for their software.
  • Trademark, copyright and tradename protection
    Advised clients on how to protect online business trademarks, copyrights and tradenames.
  • Licensing
    Negotiated and drafted patent, copyright, software and trademark licenses for web-based and brick and mortar businesses.
  • Domain name registration, protection and transfers
    Represented domain name owners in proceedings in all forums adjudicating registration and domain name disputes.
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
    Negotiated and drafted joint venture and similar arrangements for web-based commercial ventures.
  • Strategic planning
    Advised clients on formation of web-based businesses, moving brick and mortar businesses online, and structuring online deals.
  • Financings/Venture Capital
    Represented investors and companies in equity and debt investments in Internet related ventures.
  • Web site agreements
    Structured and negotiated development, hosting and linking agreements and joint ventures to operate web site and Internet ventures.
  • Software development agreements
    Negotiated and drafted software development agreements.
  • Foreign legal restrictions
    Advised clients regarding state, national and international laws and restrictions on operation of web businesses.
  • Online privacy
    Advised clients regarding online privacy obligations and developments; and drafted client online privacy policies.
  • Content licensing
    Negotiated and prepared content licenses for online use.
  • Electronic signature laws
    Provided clients advice on implementing electronic signature procedures and compliance with electronic signature law mandates.
  • E-mail policies
    Advised clients regarding company e-mail policies, and drafted client e-mail policies.
  • Use of works in new media
    Advised clients concerning use of traditional works in new media.
  • Sales tax
    Provided advice on taxation of web-based businesses.
  • Business taxes
    Counseled clients on corporate income and franchise tax issues arising from the operation of web-based businesses and the use of the Internet.

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