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Patent Law Alert - US Patent Reform: The America Invents Act


This Patent Law Alert discusses the long-awaited Patent Reform legislation, more generally known as the America Invents Act, became law.  The America Invents Act introduces the largest number of changes to the U.S. patent system since the 1952 Patent Act.  The Act addresses numerous areas of U.S. patent law including changes to (or the introduction of):

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office fees; expedited patent examination; a “first to file” system; patentable subject matter; proper patent marking (including limitations on claims for false patent marking); post-grant review; best mode; the creation of satellite U.S. patent offices; supplemental examination; among other areas.

The attached Patent Law Alert addresses select changes that take effect immediately or in the near future.  Additional information about the Act will be disseminated in future communications.

Please contact Mark Montague (212 790-9252), Ana Zhadina (212 790-9286), or Yelena Morozova (212 790-9225) if you have any questions or would like additional information about the Act.


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