Patent law is a key part of our Intellectual Property practice. Members of our Patent Group have scientific and technical backgrounds in electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering; computer hardware and software; and organic chemistry and materials science. We concentrate on complex computer-related inventions; electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical devices; Internet-related systems and software; biotechnology; business method patents; and design patents. We advise clients on a wide range of domestic and international patents, trade secrets, e-commerce, and infringement issues, as well as transactional matters. In addition, when our clients want to take their inventions to market, we advise on their advertising and marketing campaigns and collateral contracts. When litigation is necessary, our patent attorneys and our Litigation group join forces to form a formidable team enforcing and defending infringement claims.

The experience of our patent attorneys includes the following technologies:

  • digital signal processing, including compression and encryption technologies;
  • digital and radio transmission systems;
  • audience measurement methodologies and systems;
  • medical devices and medical electronic systems;
  • surveillance markers and systems;
  • image recognition;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • object-oriented programs;
  • fuel cells;
  • pharmaceuticals and disease treatment;
  • biomarkers;
  • digital, film and video cameras;
  • optics;
  • lasers;
  • holographic storage;
  • methods of doing business; and
  • footwear function and design.

We obtain patents and enforce and defend patent litigation nationwide. In addition, we:

  • provide patent infringement, validity and availability opinions;
  • counsel clients regarding trade secrets and design patent protection;
  • design and build domestic and international patent portfolios;
  • plan strategies for establishing and countering competitive patent positions;
  • make IP due diligence investigations;
  • draft agreements for the domestic and international transfer of technology, including non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, and research collaboration agreements;
  • structure intellectual property holding companies;
  • advise on the maintenance of patent assets consistent with corporate budgeting and tax requirements;
  • prepare and negotiate employment agreements and patent assignments, licenses and security interests; and
  • conduct audits of patent and other IP rights.

We maintain a computerized patent record-keeping system that assists in managing client patent portfolios efficiently and cost effectively.

The proliferation of computers, e-commerce and the Internet have heightened the importance of patents for hardware and software-related products. Our Patent attorneys have been involved in Internet and computer-related patents for more than two decades.

Whether for components of computer hardware or for applications software, we have the expertise, knowledge and contacts to help our clients protect their patents and intellectual property in today's marketplace. We have extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, protecting complex computer-related inventions before the U.S. and other patent offices. We work with a wide variety of computer and electronic technologies including financial software products, artificial intelligence, object-oriented programming, digital transmission systems (networks), image recognition and diverse application programs. We are also experienced in conducting infringement and validity studies of patents for various electronic technologies, particularly for the Internet.

Our Patent attorneys also have extensive experience working with the rapidly evolving biotechnology industry.  From small-molecule drugs to diagnostic methods and methods of disease treatment, we assist both established and start-up companies in protecting their intellectual property with domestic and international patents.  We also represent clients in complex transactional matters, providing the guidance companies need to efficiently and effectively negotiate agreements that fuel their future success.



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