Taxes, whether employment, income, corporate or sales, affect every business and its operations. We provide counsel and representation to clients in a broad spectrum of tax matters. We also counsel clients on estate and gift tax opportunities and structuring mergers, acquisitions and divestiture transactions.

We represent clients before federal and state taxing authorities, including the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Tax Court and New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal, and in conciliation conferences and administrative hearings. In addition, we represent clients in audits and negotiated contested tax assessments.

Our dealings with the various taxing authorities cover a range of tax issues, from personal income tax to corporate tax to sales and employment tax. Over the years, we have developed experience handling matters pertaining to state residency, sales tax issues and the local special franchise tax imposed on cable television companies.

Another area of our tax practice is our representation of not-for-profit organizations. We organize these entities and qualify them for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service and state attorney generals' offices. Once established, our relationship often extends to serving as ongoing general counsel to the operating entities.



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