Private Client

From time to time, business owners, executives or their colleagues and families may require legal advice and assistance with personal legal issues and transactions. As part of our commitment to providing 'primary legal care' for our clients, we are prepared to address all of their needs. From real estate to tax to matrimonial matters, our Private Client attorneys provide the same level of legal expertise, insight and care our clients have come to expect in their other business relationships with our firm.

In protecting our clients' personal interests, we prepare prenuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements. We also negotiate and litigate matters involving divorce, child custody and financial support, and represent clients in adoption proceedings. In addition, we provide individual tax advice and counsel on executive compensation, annuities and insurance products and negotiate employment contracts. And, when circumstances arise, we negotiate and litigate severance arrangements.

Attorneys in our Private Client practice group also have a special expertise in real estate. Accordingly, we represent our clients in their purchase, sale, leasing and financing of residential and investment properties, including working with cooperative and condominium boards to secure approvals and negotiating contracts with contractors and construction entities. In summary, we serve our clients' individual needs by assuring that they are well represented in their personal legal affairs.



Our Private Client group handles the personal matters concerning corporate executives, other individuals and their families. Key capabilities of our Private Client group include:

Personal Transactions

  • Acquisition of collectibles and other valuable personal property
  • Advice on investments in limited partnerships and other private placements
  • Counseling about annuities and insurance products
  • Negotiation of employment and severance contracts
  • Tax advice

Residential Real Estate

  • Acquisition of investment property
  • Leases
  • Like-kind exchanges (investment property only)
  • Home construction contracts
  • Mortgage loans and refinancing
  • Purchase and sale of homes, co-ops and condos

Matrimonial and Family Law

  • Adoption proceedings
  • Divorces
  • Prenuptial, cohabitation, and separation agreements
  • Support awards and enforcement orders
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